Australian Federal Election Candidates Announced by AEC

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has announced the upcoming May 18 Federal election candidates, publishing them today on its website. Almost 2,000 people have been nominated for lower house and senate seats throughout the country.

Community Colleges Australia Federal Election Policy Platform

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) will be writing to a number of candidates, bringing their attention to CCA’s Federal Election Policy Platform.

The CCA Platform outlines the scope and achievements of Australia’s adult and community education providers, which have 385,000 vocational education and training (VET) students, 9.5% of the national total, and 5.7% of government-funded VET students. These numbers make Australia’s not-for-profit community education sector a significant force in Australia’s training landscape.

The Platform details how community providers are expert in reaching the country’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged learners through government-funded vocational education and training (VET), including people with a disability, people from non-English speaking background, older learners, regional and rural residents, Indigenous Australians and people experiencing social and economic disadvantage. If governments want to reach and engage Australia's most vulnerable and disadvantaged learners, they must start with not-for-profit community VET providers.

Interested in working for the Australian Electoral Commission this election? 

The AEC has also put out a call for people interested in working this election: more than 80,000 Australians do. The AEC notes that it is “focused on delivering trusted, reliable, high quality and high integrity federal elections and other electoral events. Working at elections offers: competitive pay rates, on the job training and support, a unique work experience and an opportunity to engage with the community, make new friends and expand your networks.”

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