Call to Action – Riverina Community College needs your vote!

Riverina Community College achieves finalist status in “Rural Hero” Grant

Riverina Community College has been chosen as one of four finalists for the Aussie Farmers Foundation “Rural Hero” Grant.

To learn more about it please go to the link below and check out our video (#2 – “GET SET – Enhancing Wellbeing Among Rural Women”).

The Riverina CC project is designed to tackle some of the main challenges facing rural women in smaller and more isolated towns that may be facing harder times. The aim is to provide a new trajectory forward for the participants through tackling psychological issues, learning to connect through cyber-skills and boosting financial education for greater independence and better future security.

The College is working collaboratively with the Wagga Women’s Health Centre (a community-based NGO providing crisis support, counselling & health education) and Farm Link, a non-profit agricultural research organisation.

The College is up against some stiff competition in the form of larger charities and to win, will need to have the highest number of votes for their video, so they have asked for help by voting for our video.

To vote:

Please go to

Our video is # 2 – please watch our message and click on ‘VOTE’ immediately below the video.

Voting closes on 22 May, with the winner announced on 23 May.

Sharing and Boosting the impact:

We’d also really appreciate it if you could share the message with your friends and co-workers via your social networks. Share on Facebook, Twitter etc. by clicking  ‘Share’ (also underneath the video) and follow the prompts.


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