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Australian Adult and Community Education Organisations Poised to Expand Social Entrepreneurship

Australia’s adult and community education organisations are well-positioned to expand their activities in social entrepreneurship. This will complement their historic community development role and delivering programs to meet local social and economic needs through training for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. This is one of the key findings arising from Community Colleges Australia’s (CCA) Read more

CCA releases corporate governance podcast series for community education organisations

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) has released an 8-part audio podcast series on corporate governance for Australian community education organisations. The episodes in the series feature experienced community college CEOs and Board Directors, as well as legal experts and governance specialists. The podcasts have been produced for community education Boards of Directors, CEOs, company secretaries and...
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Older Workers – The Opportunity for Community VET Providers

It’s time to shift the conversation about older workers from costs and dependence. The economic muscle of the “silver economy” can be accessed with new policy approaches that lift the workforce participation of 55-64 year olds, in turn supporting our nation’s regional economic performance. That’s the key message from a recent report from the Regional Australia...
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So What’s Wrong With Australian Vocational Education and Training?

So what’s wrong with Australian vocational education and training (VET)? That’s a reasonable question to ask, says Community Colleges Australia CEO, Dr Don Perlgut. The latest comparative figures of Australian education sectors are compared in a just-released report from the Mitchell Institute, Expenditure on Education and Training in Australia 2017 (December 2017). The...
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Latest Economic Performance Indicators Show Regional Australia Continues to Lag Cities

The latest Australian economic performance indicators show that regional areas continue to lag behind the cities in wealth, gross domestic product (GDP) and educational services. These are the conclusions drawn from two recently released reports from SGS Economics and Planning and the Regional Australia Institute. “Australia needs a national regional and rural education policy that incorporates...
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