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Committee for Economic Development of Australia restates call for national VET review

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) has restated its call for a comprehensive national review of Australian vocational education and training (VET). Such a review will “underpin future funding arrangements, along with improved data and transparency to help stakeholders make more informed decisions.” CEDA’s Professor Rodney Maddock spoke at CCA’s annual conference in...
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CCA endorses Adult Learning Australia’s push for a national Australian Lifelong Learning Policy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Community Colleges Australia (CCA) has endorsed the push for a national Australian Lifelong Learning policy by Adult Learning Australia (ALA). ALA held a National Lifelong Learning Summit in Melbourne on 17 April 2018 that aimed to “put lifelong learning in the centre stage” of Australian discussion to counter inequality, disadvantage, poverty, intergenerational unemployment,...
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New report on Australian education and inequality underlines the importance of focussing services on marginalised learners

Australia’s Public Education Foundation has released a major report that examines the price of educational inequality in Australia’s schools. What Price the Gap? Education and Inequality in Australia, by the Foundation’s Executive Director David Hetherington examines educational inequality and its cost to Australia. The report estimates that over the six years from 2009...
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