CCA adopts updated member Code of Ethics

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) has adopted an updated member Code of Ethics (PDF), effective 20 May 2019. It replaces the original Code, that the CCA Board of Directors had approved in early 2017.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to affirm the professional and ethical standards that apply as a condition of membership with CCA, specifically to:

  • Define standards of conduct that apply as a condition of membership with CCA;
  • Provide those who deal with or use the services of CCA members, including students, clients, funding organisations and regulators, with a clear statement of the standards which they can expect member organisations to adopt in their dealings with them;
  • Reflect the Code of Conduct requirements of Commonwealth and state and territory governments and independent agencies for accrediting and registering organisations, qualifications and courses under legislation which fund, subsidise training for and/or regulate the provision of educational and training services for local and overseas students; and
  • Promote confidence and community trust in community education services provided by members of CCA.

The Code of Ethics describes CCA’s core values of respect for persons, commitment to social inclusion and professional conduct. The Code further describes an underlying ethical framework, and principles and responsibilities, which include:

  • ethical student recruitment and marketing;
  • quality education and support;
  • sound organisational framework and financial standards;
  • sustainability and social responsibility; and
  • protecting the reputation of the sector.

The Code of Ethics is binding on all CCA members as a condition for admission and continuing membership of the organisation. View a copy of the Code of Ethics here.

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