CCA Conference Comments Reinforce an Outstanding and Successful Event

The Community Colleges Australia (CCA) September Sydney conference has been called an outstanding success by almost all who responded to the post-conference evaluation. A sample of the comments received:

“Great content and great networking”.

“Quality of speakers exceeded my expectations.”

“Staging another excellent conference even after being absent for a couple of years due to COVID.”

“The organisation of the whole event was seamless to me as a participant, I felt informed and welcomed.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference; it was great to meet everyone in person and the workshops were extremely useful.”

“Overall, the conference was a 10/10.”

“The networking events were fantastic. The MC was great, I thought it was brilliant how she summarised each session and had questions at the ready in the event that others didn't have any and kept everyone engaged.”

“Wide range of sessions, practical, theoretical and policy based.”

“Range of relevant topics and quality presentations.”

“I found the energy in the room (vibe) to be positive, engaging and collaborative. The CCA team were outstanding, keeping everyone informed and on track.”

“Being able to connect with bureaucrats and academics with ease and progress advocacy.”

“Variety of useful sessions and breadth of knowledge in all.”

“Range of topics and information offered was good.”

“Foundation skills afternoon session on last day - Lost for Words and Neville was fantastic I loved the workshop sessions with BSL and Huber Social.”

“Gala dinner was an excellent opportunity to showcase CCA talent.”

“The networking is always valuable.”

“The quality of the presentations was outstanding- relevant, inspiring and useful. The Day 2 block on Foundational Skills was one of the best parts for us. I also found the ASQA sessions, ACOSS sessions very useful.”

“Great variety of content and relevant!”

“The speakers were outstanding as well as of course the ability to choose your own stream.”

“I loved the panels and how the MC summarised each session. I valued the breakout sessions.”

“The mix of speakers and topics and the impressive line-up of speakers - well done CCA!”

“The Gala awards night was great - the nod to CEOs past and the Trainer of the Year stories were very good.”

“Congratulations to all who was involved in the preparation of the conference; it was fabulous few days, my takeaways formed our 3-year strategic team planning day.”

“I absolutely loved it. I would love to bring more of our team next time provided topics relate to their work roles eg Course Coordinators, Compliance Officer, Admin Team Leader.”

“All sessions in themselves were good - well done.”

“Thank you it was very interesting and thought provoking.”

“Amazing job overall. The MC, Chemene Sinson, was fantastic, positive outlook, great at summarising the content and take home of each speaker, sensitive.”

“Congratulations CCA on staging a wonderful conference.”

Summary: 92% of conference participants who responded to the anonymous CCA SurveyMonkey evaluation said that the conference "met" their expectations or reasons for attending, and 8% said the conference “partially met" expectations/reasons for attending. No respondents said that the conference did not meet their expectations at all.

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