CCA corporate governance audio podcasts achieve strong reception

The Community Colleges Australia (CCA) corporate governance educational audio podcasts have become very popular, with total downloads now exceeding 1100.

CCA has produced and released 14 corporate governance podcasts to date: a second series of 6 released in May 2019 joined the original series of 8, released in early 2018. The podcasts feature a number of well-known community college CEOs along with management, governance and not-for-profit funding experts.

“The fact that these materials are available to anyone with an internet connection is important. This ensures that the two-thirds of CCA members located in regional, rural and remote areas have the same and equal access to the materials as those located in metropolitan Sydney. Even those with relatively slow internet connections can access the materials, as they are downloaded onto the devices of individuals, primarily mobile phones and computers,” said Dr Don Perlgut, CEO of CCA.

“The downloaded resources can then be used at leisure, and in some cases are listened to again and again. The individual then can carry the digital files wherever they go. This is especially important for community organisation Board Directors and senior managers, some of whom spend a great deal of time driving from place to place. Not only regional and rural community colleges, but people working for many metropolitan colleges face the challenge of spending many hours each week driving. The audio podcasts provide a highly accessible, engaging, simple and easy-to-use means of professional development while ‘on the go’.

“CCA has made it easy for individuals to access the materials by avoiding complicated password systems and placing them on two platforms: iTunes and Podbeam. We have also organised full transcripts of each program that complement the listening,” said Dr Perlgut.

All of the podcasts were supported by funding grants from the NSW Department of Industry, and have been produced by audio producers and journalists.

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