CCA endorses Victorian Statement on Adult and Community Education

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) joined together with Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, ACE Victoria and Adult Learning Australia to support an Adult and Community Education (ACE) sector statement submitted to the Hon Gayle Tierney, MLC, the Victorian Minister for Training and Skills.

The Statement notes that:

“The Victorian State Government has made significant progress in addressing some of the major issues that have concerned ACE providers in recent years. However, a number of recent policy initiatives have accelerated the number of closures and de-registrations of ACE RTOs. The number of Learn Locals delivering pre-accredited training is in decline.

“The ACE Sector, and VET in ACE in particular, is at a crossroads in Victoria…. It is vital that the government protect the ‘unique and valuable pathway’ for vulnerable learners that ACE provides.”

The Statement makes a number of requests, including the development of a Ministerial Statement on ACE which articulates it purpose and value to Victoria.

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