CCA hosts Korean visitors researching lifelong education

CCA recently hosted South Korea researchers visiting Australia, who are studying lifelong and adult education.  Dr Hye-Sook Lee from The Seoul Institute and Yong-Moon Jung (Faculty of Education & Social Work, University of Sydney) met with Evelyn Goodwin, CCA’s Manager of VET Policy and Programs, on 29 October 2016.

During the meeting, Evelyn provided an overview of adult and community education in Australia, and the integral role ACE providers play in skilling and supporting vibrant communities. Dr Hye Sook was particularly interested in the profile of participants and the results or effectiveness of programs offered. The Institute would like to develop further relationships with the sector, and would welcome CCA members’ interest.

The Seoul Institute was established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 1992, with the goal to establish a medium to long-term vision for Seoul, and to propose social policies on welfare, culture, education and industries, and urban management policies on city planning, transportation, safety and the environment. The Seoul Institute’s primary objective is to improve municipal administration through professional research, improve the quality of life in Seoul, and reinforce and sustain the competitiveness of Seoul.

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