CCA Leadership and Governance Audio Podcast Series a Tremendous Resource for Challenging Times

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) governance and executive leadership audio podcast series is a tremendous resource for challenging times, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact not-for-profit adult and community education (ACE) organisations.

“CCA prepared this tight eight-part audio series months after COVID-19 arrived in Australia, and takes into account the significant leadership and governance issues facing ACE leaders: how do you develop strategy and lead staff in uncertain times, what’s best practice mental health support for staff and how can you ensure your board of directors operates at peak performance,” says Dr Don Perlgut, CCA CEO.

The series has been prepared specifically for senior executives and boards directors of not-for-profit Australian ACE organisations. Each episode provides “bite-sized” chunks – 14 to 21 minutes – of high quality information and guidance, delivered by experts. Programs can be accessed for free directly from the CCA website, or via iTunes, and can be either downloaded or streamed.

“The programs are perfect for ACE leaders and ACE boards of directors to utilise to ensure they are governing their organisations following best practice,” said Dr Perlgut.

Program speakers include seven not-for-profit ACE leaders: Chris Taylor, Chair, Tec-NQ, Townsville; Julia Ridout, Chair, Central Coast Community College; David Mackay, CEO, Tuggerah Lake Community College & Chair of CCA; Theresa Collignon, CEO, Macquarie Community College & Deputy Chair of CCA; Kerry Johnson, CEO, ACE Community Colleges, Lismore, and Treasurer of CCA; Ron Maxwell, CEO, VERTO; and Sue Reynolds, VET Manager, Western Riverina Community College.

They are joined by six Australian leadership experts: Dr Ty Wiggins, Principal, Converge Consulting & Executive Director, Russell Reynolds Associates; Wayne Condon, Principal, Converge Consulting; Adam Siegel, CEO, Visage Growth Partners; Nick Hedges, Director, ResolveHR, a popular CCA presenter; Luther Poier, Managing Director & Head of Venture Capital, BlueChilli Technology, also a former Canadian and Australian submarine commander; and Robert Migliore, Director of Actevate, a leading provider of return to work and injury prevention services.

The Episodes

  1. Being the Chair of the Board of a Community Education Provider: Download this episode (16′)
  2. Best Practice Board Meetings: Download this episode (18′)
  3. When your Board goes rogue – how to get it back on track: Download this episode (14′)
  4. What is a strategic plan and why do you need one: Download this episode (15′)
  5. Having tough conversations: Download this episode (17′)
  6. Leading for change in difficult times: Download this episode (21′)
  7. Performance management for your CEO – What does a Chair and Board need to do: Download this episode (19′)
  8. Mental health support for staff – best practice: Download this episode (20′)

This podcast (“Series 3”) follows two previous CCA series in 2019 and 2018, both of which are still available for listening. View more details on the podcast series program page.

Evaluation and feedback: help us to evaluate CCA podcast Series 3 by filling out this short survey once you have listened to any of the podcasts.

About the Series

Producer: Ryan Pemberton, Audiocraft
Executive Producer: Dr Don Perlgut, Community Colleges Australia
Program Advisers: Dr Ty Wiggins, Converge Consulting; and Nick Hedges, ResolveHR
Program Assistant: Clare Harris, Community Colleges Australia

Funding: This audio podcast series was produced for Community Colleges Australia with funding support from the New South Wales Government.

(Featured image credit: Wikicommons, used under Creative Commons license)

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