CCA Welcomes Minister Birmingham’s crackdown on dodgy VET FEE-HELP providers

CCA has welcomed the crackdown on dodgy VET FEE-HELP providers announced today by the Minister for Education and Training, Senator The Hon Simon Birmingham.

Speaking at the opening of the ACPET Conference in Hobart today, Minister Birmingham gave a strong message that the Government will “restore confidence” in the badly damaged VET sector.

“We cannot continue the way we are,” Minister Birmingham said. “Appallingly low progression rates are not acceptable.”

CCA CEO Dr Don Perlgut applauded the Minister’s announcement. “There is no greater public relations challenge facing Australia’s VET system than the badly constructed, badly implemented and horribly rorted VET FEE-HELP program,” Dr Perlgut said. “The reputation of all Australian VET has been undermined by the actions of a number of for-profit providers whose desire for profit has trumped matters of quality and student learning outcomes. CCA commits to working collaboratively with the Government to make the VET FEE-HELP redesign a success,“ Dr Perlgut said.

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald reported on the Minister’s speech.

You can also read Minister Birmingham’s ACPET Conference speech here.

The following media have also covered Minister Birmingham’s announcement:


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