Communication in a Videoconference World

CCA was pleased to offer members a special one-off presentation from communications expert Michael Kelly on 16 June 2020: 


How to Reshape Your Communication for a Videoconference World. Part one.

Contact CCA if you would like a link to the video presentation (members only).

Session Description
Your career will largely be defined by how well you present in important meetings. In the current world of work and in the future world of work, how well you present in important, virtual meetings will increasingly define your career. This introductory presentation on How to Reshape your Personal Communication for a Videoconference World will give you key techniques to communicate with impact through a video screen so you and your messages are believable and memorable. The session will include notes for participants.

Body language expert and leadership communication trainer Michael Kelly will deliver the presentation. Michael Kelly (pictured) holds a Master of Science degree in speech pathology and is a popular media commentator. He writes the weekly blog post, The Winning Voiceand his clients include Commonwealth Bank and The University of Sydney.

For a sample of Michael’s work, here is his 2016 Nine Network, Trump vs Clinton analysis entitled Body language and speech expert grades Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s performance in one of their presidential debates.

Michael Kelly’s Art of Communication Through Video Conferencing: Series 1

Michael Kelly has prepared a series of 10 x 2-minute videos (total 20 minutes), which provide essential information for setting up a professional video conferencing environment, and on how to listen, speak and present yourself and your messages effectively through a video screen. Watch the series through his website. Topics include: (1) Video conference communication mastery; (2) Fix your video conference look; (3) Learn how not to daydream; (4) What’s the best facial expression to enter with?; (5) HOW to correctly Structure your spoken messages; (6) Why being assertive in video meetings, pays-off; (7) Does your body language project self-doubt in video meetings?; (8) Does your voice attract and keep attention?; (9) How to stop being perceived as submissive and start projecting yourself with confidence; and (10) The art of communication through video conferencing – gems.