Community Education Providers Rate Highly in NCVER 2016 Student Outcomes Survey

Students who have studied VET courses with community education providers have rated their experience very highly, according to the latest data released from the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER).

The NCVER Report, entitled Total VET Graduate Outcomes 2016, surveyed 4,049 community education students, and found:

  • Community education providers topped all categories (TAFE, private for-profit, university), with almost half (48.9%) of graduates employed at the end of the training that had not been employed prior to commencing their study.
  • Graduates were highly satisfied (87.1%) with the overall quality of their training, second only to TAFE graduates (at 87.7%); and
  • A record 92.7% of graduates (the most of any category) would recommend community training providers: more than TAFE (92.3%), universities (90.6%) and private training providers (89.6%).

“This data shows the continuing importance of the community education sector to employment outcomes, given that so many of our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and use our training to move into employment,” said Dr Don Perlgut, CEO of Community Colleges Australia. “Almost 93% of former students recommend our sector, a true compliment to our providers.”

CCA thanks the NCVER for undertaking such high-quality and detailed research, and for continuing to differentiate between community education providers and students, and other providers.

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