Corporate governance a major focus of CCA’s Conference

The governance of community education organisations will become a major focus at CCA’s Annual Conference in Sydney this October.

The Conference’s sessions will complement CCA’s national, ongoing education project that provides technical assistance, strategic advice, mentoring and expertise to the chief executives and boards of directors of community education providers.

This year the Conference features a not-for-profit corporate governance discussion panel:

  • David Knowles, Head of Philanthropy & Social Capital and Partner, Koda Capital, and author of Preparing for the Future: Do or die for non-profit boards.
  • Katherine Sainty, experienced corporate lawyer specialising in not-for-profit governance, media, communications and privacy; founder of Sainty Law, who will speak on “Governance by Design: Unique and Effective Frameworks for Every Organisation”.
  • Lucas Ryan, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Not-for-Profit Partnerships Adviser, speaking on AICD NFP research.

Ty Wiggins, corporate strategy advisor (Converge Consulting), will run a double-session specifically for community education provider CEOs and Board Chairs.

Other VET peak organisations will also discuss governance challenges in their sectors:

  • Chris Butler, President of the Enterprise RTO Association (ERTOA) and Assistant Director Training and Education for Marine Rescue NSW, who has managed RTOs for Qantas, Insurance Australia Group and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia;
  • Rod Camm, CEO of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET); and
  • a TAFE Directors Australia speaker.

CCA has consolidated a “Conference Pre-Reading List” with a number of up-to-date resources on corporate governance in not-for-profit Australian organisations.

As the Conference governance session Chair David Knowles writes:

The most important task of a non-profit board is to prepare its organisation for the future. Life for non-profits is changing rapidly …. Non-profit boards face a future that looks nothing like the past -one in which they must deal with changes in government policy, increased regulation and accountability, rising costs, higher funder expectations, the need to prove impact, systemic change, tougher competition and the impact of digital innovation.

The CCA Conference starts in the evening of October 18th, and runs all day Wednesday October 19th and Thursday October 20th.  There are three ways to register:

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