Danish College Leader to Speak at CCA Annual Conference

An internationally famous Danish college educator will headline CCA’s annual conference in Brisbane next week.

Lene Augusta Jorgensen is vice-chancellor of University College of Northern Denmark. She has undertaken leadership roles in the educational sector for more than 20 years. She is dedicated to university-industry collaboration and has promoted this area through building up research and innovation capacity at her institution. She is also a firm believer in lifelong learning and continually renewing links between the educational sector and civil society.

About University College of Northern Denmark

University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) is proud to deliver real-life education, because in real life, a large, Danish institution of higher education and theory and practice are closely intertwined. Practice and knowledge in the fields of health care and education is at the core of our DNA as well as our learning business and technology. UCN is an independent, self-governing institution.  What motivates and drives us is knowledge and learning that will yield positive results and bring about change.

We want to provide our staff and students with a global mindset, and we want to reach out to the world to invite mutual, value-generating cooperation in. Only by creating and exchanging knowledge across borders can we achieve the results we are dreaming about. It is our ambition to be represented in as many parts of the world as possible by our lecturers, researchers and students, and to always be open to new opportunities for cooperation that will help us grow and allow us to contribute to the growth of others.

Read more about UCN in English here; read about UCN in Danish here.

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