Devastating Debbie’s Aftermath: The Clean-Up Begins in Northern NSW Community Colleges

As Cyclone Debbie travelled south down the Queensland coast at the end of last month, it caused extensive flooding in northern New South Wales. Two CCA member community colleges were particularly affected: ACE Community Colleges in Lismore, and Byron College’s Mullumbimby campus.

ACE Community Colleges CEO Kerry Johnson reports that, “The whole Lismore CBD has been devastated by the flood, and it is quite confronting to walk around and see the mountains of items that have been damaged and are being thrown out. A lot of businesses will find it hard to pick themselves up. About 1/2 metre of water went through our building.”

The College is currently cleaning and setting up temporary offices.

In the Byron area, CEO Richard Vinycomb reports that, “the Byron Bay campus is fine, but in Mullumbimby select homes and businesses copped it including ours through the ground floor.” Clean-up went quickly, but some carpets, workshops and some IT were affected.

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