Media Release: Australian Industry Group joins literacy and numeracy groups to call for national strategy

Peak employer organisation, the Australian Industry Group (AIG) has today joined with a coalition of Australia’s leading literacy groups to call for a new national strategy for workplace literacy and numeracy.

Vanessa Iles, spokesperson for co-signatory the Reading and Writing Hotline, welcomed the support of AIG.

“As literacy professionals, we’ve known for a long time that when people are supported to strengthen their literacy and numeracy skills, they are more confident in daily life, and more engaged at work.

“We welcome the support of AIG as a significant acknowledgement that literacy and numeracy skills also lead to safer and more productive workplaces for their members”, said Ms Iles.

In the statement of collaboration, the industry group has committed to work together with Community Colleges Australia, Adult Learning Australia, The Australian Council for Adult Literacy and the Reading and Writing Hotline to push for a new national policy and to work with industry to improve workplace literacy and numeracy practice.

“The case for developing literacy and numeracy skills is common sense, but it also makes a strong business case”, said Ms Iles.

“Strong literacy and numeracy supports people in adapting to the changing needs of future workplaces. It supports employees to build on their existing skills and adapt to new practices.

“We look forward to continuing to work with industry to support the millions of workers across the country to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, so that they can be their best at work”, said Ms Iles.

CEO of Community Colleges Australia, Dr Don Perlgut, said: “We are pleased to support this statement. Our members provide some of Australia’s most important adult literacy and numeracy teaching, working in their communities to strengthen local skills.”

A full copy of the statement is attached.

Listen to the ABC Radio AM Program: Fighting for better workplace literacy.


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