Professional Development

CCA offers a number of innovative professional development services for CEOs, VET managers and marketing/promotions managers. These include meetings in Sydney and Melbourne, online professional networks and discussion forums for member staff, and web conference room discussions.  We also provide induction, orientation and coaching/mentoring opportunities for new senior managers in the community education sector. CCA’s Annual Conference is the premier event of Australia’s community education sector.


CCA has commenced an ambitious plan to deliver online and virtual professional development and networking services to its members through CCA PRESENTS.

Representation, Advocacy and Public Relations

CCA represents and advocates for our community education member organisations, promotes the community education sector and fosters support and recognition of adult education in a community setting.  We undertake ongoing engagement with Commonwealth, state and territory governments and agencies.  We raise awareness of the sector with the key stakeholders, the media and the public, and identify partnership and business opportunities with other industry groups and service providers. CCA maintains a program of formal conference presentations and publications of sector data.

The NSW Government has made active membership in a peak vocational education and training (VET) industry association a requirement in order to participate in its Smart and Skilled program. Industry association membership is essential in order to “meet industry accountabilities for quality and responsiveness to student needs,” reads the NSW Government’s Statement of Expectations. The NSW Government recognises CCA as the industry association that represents the adult and community education sector in New South Wales.


CCA runs an ongoing program to provide governance assistance and technical advice to senior staff and boards of directors of our member organisations. This includes both formal and informal technical advice, coaching and other assistance.

Policy and Research

CCA provides commentary and input into national and state vocational education and training (VET), adult education and youth education policy debates.  This includes advocating for our members’ interests and recommendations via government submissions, participation in industry forums and dialogue with business groups.  CCA aims to ensure that Australia achieves a more skilled workforce that supports future productivity via inclusive education and training opportunities.  Because community education providers undertake extensive work with vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians, they assist in reducing unemployment, promoting local and regional development, and creating a more just and equal Australia.

To assist policy development and enhance the sector’s abilities, CCA undertakes action research projects such as regional economic development.

All CCA members have the opportunity to provide direct input into CCA policy development activities.

Communications and Sector Leadership

CCA provides a regular member newsletter (at least 20 per year), which includes sector news, government policy changes, funding opportunities and other industry updates. CCA maintains a strong program of communications to the VET sector, along with selected commentary and “thought” leadership.

Insurance, Business and Other Services

CCA provides a highly regarded group insurance scheme in partnership with our selected insurance broker, Coverforce.  This scheme provides significant discounts and policies that are specifically tailored for not-for-profit adult and community education providers. Coverforce works with each organisation to ensure that they receive the best value and insurance policies that cover their specific needs.

Other services include benchmarking, individual member support, information technology discounts and our annual conference.  Each year CCA obtains other free services for members: in 2016, this included free film preview tickets and free attendance at two national conferences for selected member senior staff.

CCA also assists members in recruiting staff through free advertisements on the CCA website.

For further information on these services, please contact the CCA office.

Group Tendering

CCA facilitates groups of community education providers for training through consortia of not-for-profit community providers.  Collectively, our member institutions deliver projects that provide significant benefits for continuing education and provide highly professional outcomes for community, business and government agencies.