Member Services Overview

CCA provides a variety of member services, including:

Member networks

CCA provides diverse network and interest groups which connect both online & in-person: CEO Connect; VET Managers; Aged Care; Early Childhood; FSK; Data (CoP); LMS; marketing; Governance; SAS Schools.

Professional Development (PD)

CCA provides a variety of professional development programs. Recent programs have included Governance; Building Capacity Online and Grant writing.

New member mentor partners

New CCA members are matched to existing members to build relationships and share experiences. This creates a built-in support resource to new members and ensures their connection to other CCA members.

CEO Induction Program

CCA provides an induction and coaching program for new CEOs including a professional reading group and Psychometric Profiling to facilitate leadership and team development.

Representation and advocacy

CCA represents its members to State and Federal Governments, industry groups and other key stakeholders. CCA has regular meetings with all stakeholders to ensure that CCA member interests are represented.

Member and sector communications

Relevant information is communicated to members via CCA newsletters; CCA member briefings; the CCA Member Hub (CCA online member portal).

Connection and collaboration

CCA facilitates connections to business and industry stakeholders to facilitate collaboration on relevant projects for CCA members.

Governance guidance

CCA provides resources and training in sector-specific governance best practice. In 2024 CCA delivered the training program Strengthening Governance: A customised series for Board Directors. This 5-module training program is available to all CCA member organisations in the CCA member Hub in perpetuity.

Member health

CCA is committed to member health and conducts regular member site visits and facilitates online connections and events to provide support to its members. CCA is also engaged in one-to-one advocacy to advance individual member funding interests.

Business services and resources

CCA works with business service providers to provide access to relevant resources and partnerships for members.

Member journey support

CCA supports members on their journey by providing member networks, professional development, facilitating collaborations and ensuring support of new CEOs and new members.

Annual Conference

CCA delivers an annual 3-day conference event, which includes 50+ speakers, networking, learning and access to new business ideas and resources. It is the highlight event of the year for CCA and its members.

Annual Trainer and Student of the Year Awards

CCA recognizes the achievements of outstanding students and trainers in the adult and community education sector. CCA hosts an annual award presentation event at the CCA Conference Gala Dinner. The awards are sponsored by the NSW Government.

Public member listings

All CCA members are listed on the CCA website with their contact details and links to their website and social media channels.

Member logo

CCA provides its logo to members to display on their website.