Professional Development

Our Professional Development (PD) Calendar of Events is well established and is offered via face-to-face and online meetings. Our online networks and web conference room discussions are part of the innovative PD opportunities that CCA offers. CCA runs regular professional development programs for member CEOs, VET managers and marketing/promotions officers.

Coming up on 25 October 2017: CCA is running a forum on how community colleges can participate in regional and rural economic development. Click here for details.




Coming up on 14 November 2017, Sydney: Building Digital Capacity Masterclass


This masterclass for CCA members provides education providers with tangible tools and approaches to build digital capacity in their organisations, and is suitable for both large and small organisations.

Participants will:

  • identify their current challenges and opportunities with regard to their digital capacity;
  • understand their key internal and external stakeholders and target audiences and how they could be engaged and empowered through the use of digital tools; and
  • develop an action plan / digital toolkit that they can start implementing in their organisation.

Facilitated by the Steven Speldewinde, Director of Digital and Innovation, The Social Deck, this masterclass will empower you to guide your organisation confidently into the digital future.

The masterclass is suitable for CEOs, business development managers, marketing managers, senior IT staff, VET managers with an interest in target audiences and stakeholder engagement and Board Directors with expertise in this area.

CCA’s signature professional development activity each year is the annual conference. Our conferences provide forums for member networking and a platform for a discussion of key issues affecting the sector, together with future insights, featuring Australian and international keynote speakers. The July 2017 Conference, held in Melbourne in July 2017, had the theme “Community Education: Investing in Our Future”.  The October 2016 Conference, held in Sydney in October 2016, had the theme "Innovation: What's Next for Community Education?”

The 'CCA Online' Moodle portal is a personal space, accessible only by members, via our website. This secure feature provides sector information, online discussions, and areas for specific groups, such as Executive Officers and VET Managers, and validation opportunities. It is a forum for cooperation and exchange of information, ideas and issues.