CEO-Chair Workshop

CEO-Chair Workshop, 19 March 2019

CCA’s third annual CEO-Chair workshop will take place on Tuesday 19 March 2019 in the Sydney CBD from 9.00am to 4.30pm – specific details and registration to come soon.

This workshop is predicated on the fact that the CEO-Chair relationship is the most important governance relationship at a not-for-profit community organisation. This workshop is intended to ensure that both CCA member CEOs and Board Chairs have the skills, understanding and background to manage this relationship properly for the good for their organisations.

This workshop will cater for both new (or “new-ish”) CEOs as well as for more experienced CEOs and both new and experienced Chairs. In previous years (2016 and 2017), CCA ran two CEO-Chair workshops. This year we will run one workshop with two trainers.

Our workshop leaders are Ty Wiggins and Wayne Condon from Converge Consulting. Ty has worked with a number of Australian community education providers on strategic planning and related matters. Wayne has been Ty's business partner for six years; prior to working in partnership, Wayne was Chairman of a business where Ty was the Managing Director.

This workshop is for CCA member organisations only. While the cost is free, participants are expected to pay their own travel costs.

The purpose of the 2019 CEO-Chair workshop is to:

  1. Strengthen the relationships between CCA member CEOs and their respective organisational Chairs, by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of both CEOs and Chairs, challenge their understanding of the organisation’s opportunities and align their thinking;
  2. Assist the governance of all CCA member organisations, supporting them to operate strategically, respond to new business challenges and manage effectively; and
  3. Ensure sustainable adult and community college (ACE) organisations by strengthening their leadership capabilities, managerial foresight and financial health.

The CEO-Chair Relationship

The relationship between CEO and Chair is also crucial for an organisation's success. Fostering, facilitating and improving this relationship is one of the most important things an organisation can do to invest in its future. The Australian Institute Company Directors (AICD) states in its paper “The Role of the Chair”:

The Chair acts as an important link between the board and the organisation’s management via the CEO. Responsibilities of the Chair include:

  • liaising and interfacing with the CEO as the primary contact between the board and management;
  • establishing and maintaining an effective working relationship with the CEO;
  • overseeing negotiations for the CEO’s employment and evaluating the CEO’s performance; and
  • planning for CEO succession.

Chairs and CEOs work closely together to:

  • communicate the views of the board to stakeholders and the public accurately and effectively; and
  • set the agenda for the matters to be considered by the board, ensuring that the information provided to the board is relevant, accurate, timely.

Program funding

The 2019 CCA CEO-Chair workshop is funded under the ACE Programs, Teaching and Leadership Program by the NSW Department of Industry. The 2018-2019 ACE Teaching and Leadership Program is aligned to the Department’s priority to improve adult and community education outcomes.