CEO Mentoring and Coaching Program 2019

The Community Colleges Australia (CCA) CEO coaching and mentoring program commenced in January 2019. Ty Wiggins, CCA’s management and strategy consultant who specialises in executive coaching and mentoring and has worked for many community colleges, is facilitating the program. Please contact Don Perlgut to express interest in future "intakes" of this program.

The purpose of the 2019 CEO coaching and mentoring program is to:

  1. Ensure that new CCA member CEOs have access to assistance and guidance – either through a professional coach or a CEO “peer mentor” – to assist them in “navigating the shoals” of being a community education provider CEO, including how to obtain maximum value from the CCA’s member network;
  2. Assist all CCA member CEOs to do their jobs well, supporting them to operate strategically, respond to new business challenges and manage/lead their organisations effectively;
  3. Assist all CCA member CEOs in skill-building (professional development) where they may have gaps in their abilities, backgrounds and experiences;
  4. Provide more experienced CEOs with the opportunity to develop their mentoring skills within a structured program, and to contribute to the community education sector; and
  5. Ensure sustainable adult and community college (ACE) organisations by strengthening their leadership capabilities, managerial foresight and financial health.

Coaching and mentoring

This professional development program includes both “mentoring” and “coaching” activities, and it is not always easy to differentiate between the two. Leadership Thoughts points out some definitions and differences:

The focus of coaching is usually task and performance. The role of a skills or performance coach is to give feedback on observed performance. The coach is likely to set or suggest goals for the learner.”

The role of the mentor is to build capability. The developmental mentor helps the learner discover their own wisdom by encouraging them to work towards career goals or develop self-reliance.”

A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge with someone less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust (reference: David Clutterbuck).”

Mentors for the CCA program are recruited from more experienced member CEOs, including those who undertook CEO mentoring roles in 2017/18.

Recommended reading for all community education CEOs: “CEOs Need Mentors Too”, by Suzanne de Janasz and Maury Peiperl (Harvard Business Review, April 2015).

Program funding

This 2019 CCA CEO coaching and mentoring program is funded under the ACE Programs, Teaching and Leadership Program by the NSW Department of Industry. The 2018-2019 ACE Teaching and Leadership Program is aligned to the Department’s priority to improve adult and community education outcomes.