Cognitive load in e-learning – not too little, not too much

Webinar: Cognitive load in e-learning – not too little, not too much

Date: Wednesday 7 June

Time: 4.00 – 5.15 pm (AEST)
The duration of this webinar is approximately an hour but may run a little longer depending on participant’s engagement.

This event is for CCA Members only.

Session overview

Participants will explore key notions of Cognitive Load Theory and how it can and does impact e-learning.

Topics covered include:

  • Intrinsic and extraneous cognitive load
  • Element interactivity
  • The modality effect
  • The redundancy effect
  • The guidance fading effect – and how to use or avoid them as required

Presenter: Kerri Neven, Education Designer/Digital Developer

Kerri has 25 years experience as an educator/trainer and visual communication designer, head of department, subject specialist reviewer and examination assessor for DET and VCAA. Consultant/Arts Grants Assessment Panel member for City of Hume, City of Melbourne. She has experience as a freelance graphic designer for numerous businesses, performers, and events.

Kerri’s skill set includes design thinking, lateral thinking, Adobe everything and Articulate 360. The combination of her quarter of a century in education and visual communication design offers a particularly powerful insight into how to gift-wrap information for the best possible uptake by the human brain.

Program funding

The project is funded by the NSW Department of Education through the 2021-22 ACE Teaching and Leadership Program, which is aligned to the Department’s priority to improve adult and community education outcomes.