Strategic HR Essentials Training Program

In early 2020, CCA’s HR consultant Nick Hedges (Resolve HR) will conduct two training sessions, each consisting of one and a half days, for CCA member CEOs and their senior staff involved in human resources (HR) management. One training session (1.5 days) will take place in the Sydney CBD and one will take place in northern NSW.

The purpose of the training sessions is to provide practical strategies to some of the biggest challenges faced when providing HR support to others in your team. These highly interactive and powerful sessions will give participants the tools to further develop their skills, better serve others and positively impact those around them.

Topics covered over the 1.5 days include:

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

  • What is it?
  • What are the impacts on a work culture?
  • Identify what to do if it’s occurring
  • What are the key elements to include in a policy?
  • Develop strategies to build emotional intelligence to maintain strong employee relationships

Managing Mental Health in the workplace

  • Identify ways to manage metal health
  • Establish support strategies for individuals with mental health issues
  • Apply practical strategies to promote resilience in the workplace to reduce stress and increase engagement
  • Determine the best way to ask or have a conversation around mental health and RUOK
  • Complete the checklist: Is your business prepared to handle Mental Health – and analyse the results.

Conflict Management and Holding Difficult Conversations

  • Explore different communication styles and
  • Explore alternate methods to adapt in different situations
  • Analyse a conflict model, identify personal style and adapt it to resolve conflict with others
  • Determine best practice process for handling a grievance

Poor Performance and Terminations

  • Examine best practice process
  • Discuss giving and receiving feedback – formal and informal
  • Plan and practise conversations required regarding poor performance
  • Discuss performance management strategies
  • Understand the legislative framework regarding terminations and the risks involved