Strategic HR Essentials Training Program

Commencing 12 May 2020, CCA delivered four weekly online training sessions of Strategic Human Resources Essentials. These sessions were developed specifically for senior managers of Australian not-for-profit adult and community education providers, and conducted through “Zoom” videoconference format by CCA’s HR consultant Nick Hedges (Resolve HR).

The purpose of this program was to provide practical strategies to some of the biggest challenges faced when providing HR support to others. These highly interactive and powerful virtual classroom sessions gave participants the tips, tools and techniques to further develop their skills, better serve others and positively impact those around them. Participants received a full set of written resources.

Program Sessions

Session 1: Managing Conflict in the Workplace – Tuesday 12 May

  • Explore the underlying causes of workplace conflict
  • Identify conflict styles and establish collaborative ground rules
  • Formulate and apply the 5-step conflict resolution process

Session 2: Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination – Tuesday 19 May

  • Define bullying, harassment and discrimination and its impact on workplace culture
  • Identify what to do if bullying, harassment and discrimination is occurring
  • What are the key elements to include in a grievance policy?

Session 3: Poor Performance and Terminations – Tuesday 26 May

  • Explore performance management strategies
  • Describe best practice process including giving and receiving formal and informal feedback
  • Examine the legislative framework for terminations and the risks involved
  • Apply practical strategies as to how to handle mental illness in your workplace

Session 4: Managing Mental Health in the Workplace – Tuesday 2 June

  • Define mental health and its place in the legal framework
  • Identify ways to minimise risks and promote a positive culture
  • Apply practical strategies as to how to handle mental illness in your workplace

Use of the Zoom Videoconference Platform

Although Zoom is available to access through an “audio only” format through telephones, to obtain the maximum value from  participation in the training sessions, you  need to participate through a ‘screen-based” device, and will likely to have to download the Zoom software before commencing the training. The Zoom videoconference has an easily accessed “chat” function that allows participants to post questions and notes throughout, as well as asking questions of the facilitator directly.

Program Funding

The Strategic HR Essentials training programs were funded by the NSW Department of Education through the 2019-20 ACE Teaching and Leadership Program, which is aligned to the Department’s priority to improve adult and community education outcomes.

Proposed Strategic HR Essentials Training in 2020/21

CCA proposes to double the Strategic HR Essentials program in 2020/21, dependent on funding. Contact CCA if you are interested in participating (members only).