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Workshop 2

The second 2019 CCA VET Managers workshop focused on collaboration and sharing between colleges, aiming to build training products for the sector and to upgrade the skills of VET managers and professionals of CCA members.

This workshop on 30 April continued to explore compliance,  with a specific lens on RTO performance under NSW Smart and Skilled and CSO contracts. It was facilitated by Sue Flindell, an expert VET trainer and facilitator from Positive Training Solutions.

Workshop 1

The event was facilitated by Sue Flindell, a highly skilled learning and audit professional and:

  • explored organisational roles and activities to help build effective connections and common areas of engagement
  • workshop RTO challenges and approaches – e.g. validation, trainer and assessor professional development, volume of learning and amount of training - quality and compliance concerns (including foundation skills)
  • facilitated collaboration around resource and assessment development for the sector, with first stage development focussing on a common skills set.
  • showcased key research, statistics and directions for the sector with Don Perlgut, CCA’s CEO.
  • Discussed new ideas, strategies and resources to support the social and emotional wellbeing of VET professionals

Training Services NSW were also present, focussing on current Departmental thinking and providing insights into data management and reporting.

Program funding

The 2019 CCA VET Managers meetings are funded by the NSW Department of Industry. The 2018-2019 ACE Teaching and Leadership Program is aligned to the Department’s priority to improve adult and community education outcomes.