Writing content for low literacy users

Webinar: Writing content for low literacy users

Date: Tuesday 23 May

Time: 12.30 – 1.45 pm (AEST)
The duration of this webinar is approximately an hour but may run a little longer depending on participant’s engagement.

This event is for CCA Members only.

Session overview

Participants will gain insights into the needs of low-literacy users, and how their online behaviour is radically different to that of higher-literacy users, including key pain-points they experience when reading on screens.

Topics covered include:

  • How to streamline page design
  • Prioritise information
  • Recommendations for those reading as mobile content and the web
  • Understanding how research has proven these learners benefit when we consider their needs

Presenter: Kerri Neven, Education Designer/Digital Developer

Kerri has 25 years experience as an educator/trainer and visual communication designer, head of department, subject specialist reviewer and examination assessor for the Victorian Department of Education and the VCAA. Consultant/Arts Grants Assessment Panel member for City of Hume, City of Melbourne. She has experience as a freelance graphic designer for numerous businesses, performers, and events.

Kerri’s skill set includes design thinking, lateral thinking, Adobe everything and Articulate 360. The combination of her quarter of a century in education and visual communication design offers a particularly powerful insight into how to gift-wrap information for the best possible uptake by the human brain.

Program funding

The project is funded by the NSW Department of Education through the 2021-22 ACE Teaching and Leadership Program, which is aligned to the Department’s priority to improve adult and community education outcomes.