• Created: June 7, 2016
  • Updated: March 20, 2017
Address: 23 Hickey Crescent, Griffith, NSW
Postcode: 2680
Phone number: 02 6964 5334
Western Riverina Community College, offers a range of courses and programs that are in pursuit of our organisational mission. The College's Mission is to build, strengthen, reduce barriers within our community through the provision of educational activities.

Our range of accredited, vocational and leisure learning activities offer a wide range of outcomes for people within our community. Our programs provide for many outcomes for our students; this is driven by our adoption of the learner-centred approach. We offer pathways to employment and or further educational activities which aim to reduce barriers. Our programs help people increase their workplace skills and broaden their opportunities for employment in their chosen career. All our courses are run by experienced trainers in a supportive environment, where we help you achieve your best.

Whether it is a return to learning through attendance leisure course or a forklift license or first aid certificate, RSA accreditation or something else, WRCC run loads of regular courses. And if you’re aiming for a bigger qualification, we have various certificate and diploma courses too. You’ll be on your way to your dream job sooner.

For a complete guide to all our courses, please take a look at the Courses section of our website. There you will find detailed course information and a schedule for the current term. And if you can’t find what you need, please contact us and we would be pleased to help.

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