Nominations are now open for the 2024 Community Education Trainer of the Year Awards

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) has launched its third annual Community Education Trainer of the Year Awards, which celebrates the work and underlines the importance of Australian adult and community education (ACE) trainers and teachers. Nominations are now open.

The CCA Community Education Trainer of the Year Awards complements and expands the successful Student of the Year Awards, which reflect the diversity of the Australian ACE sector, and the importance of the personalised attention that ACE trainers give their students. The Trainer of the Year Award will reinforce, continue and deepen these traditions.

CCA has opened nominations for the 2024 Awards, with a closing date of Monday 20 August 2024. CCA welcomes nominations from all Australian ACE providers, not only from member organisations.

The 202 Trainer of the Year Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 22 October, at the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney, during the Gala dinner of the CCA 2024 National Conference. Cash prizes will be awarded to winners and finalists (to be determined, depending on funding).

Nominations for the 2024 Trainer of the Year Award are open to those have taught or trained students, in a paid capacity, in at least one course of study at an Australian not-for-profit ACE organisation during the 13-month period through 16 July 2023 through 20 August 2024. Courses of study can be VET accredited or non-accredited (including pre-accredited or pre-vocational). Nominees must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Judging criteria include (1) excellence and initiatives; (2) learner needs and focus; (3) commitment to teaching and learning; and (4) links with community and industry.

More details: CCA 2024 Trainer of the Year Awards web page, where you can find details of the judging criteria, a downloadable (Word) nomination form and the Awards terms and conditions (PDF).

2023 Trainer of the Year Awards: CCA ran its second Trainer of the Year Awards in 2023; read about last year's winners and finalists here.

The Community Education Trainer of the Year Award Logo (above and below) is based on the concept of nurturing and growing a seed. The seed metaphorically represents the student/trainee, and the trainer helps to expand the seed’s life experience as the student/trainee matures and grows, with skills and knowledge as the catalyst for growth and development.

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