Parramatta Community College Acquires Bankstown Community College Institute

CCA member Parramatta Community College (PCC), a trailblazer in lifelong learning and community enrichment based in the heart of Western Sydney, recently announced its acquisition of Bankstown Community College Institute (BCCI). This landmark move signifies a dynamic expansion for PCC, as it embraces new horizons and revolutionises educational opportunities for the Bankstown community.  

The acquisition of BCCI aligns with PCC’s mission to provide accessible and diverse learning opportunities to individuals of all backgrounds. This strategic move reinforces its commitment to delivering high-quality education and community engagement throughout Western Sydney. By merging the resources and expertise of both institutions, PCC aims to enhance the educational offerings and strengthen the impact on the local community.

Monique Knight, CEO of PCC stated, “This acquisition represents a significant milestone for us as we continue to broaden our reach and fulfill our mission of empowering individuals through education. By integrating our strengths and resources, we are confident that we can provide an even better educational experience for our students and contribute to the growth and development of the Bankstown community.”

CCA CEO, Dr Don Perlgut, said: “This takeover confirms the strength of New South Wales adult and community education providers, especially in the important Western Sydney region. Community Colleges Australia applauds and supports PCC’s efforts, which will produce a powerful ‘long tail’ of access to improved education and training for the region’s residents. We are thrilled that Parramatta Community College has taken this step.”

The acquisition also promises to breathe new life into the Bankstown community, invigorating local businesses and nurturing an environment of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Parramatta Community College’s commitment to community engagement will foster collaborations, partnerships, and cultural exchanges, ensuring that the impact of this acquisition reverberates far beyond the walls of the institution.

Pictured above (from L to R): Merven Virueda, PCC Marketing & Programs Manager; Mayor El-Hayek, Canterbury-Bankstown City Council; Monique Knight, PCC CEO; and Glen Coates, PCC Compliance Manager.

Parramatta Community College is a leading educational institution committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences, fostering personal growth, and building vibrant communities. With a rich history of empowering individuals since its inception, Parramatta Community College continues to ignite the flames of knowledge, innovation, and opportunity.

BCC Institute was originally founded in 1986 by a passionate group of local community leaders to deliver workplace skills to its members. BCC Institute is a non-profit organisation dedicated to equality of opportunity in education, and is a Registered Training Organisation delivering nationally recognised courses and accredited VET qualifications.

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