Sustainability and climate change speaker at CCA conference next week

CCA’s conference in Brisbane next week will feature a noted research and analyst from Ernst & Young (EY), who will talk on the topic “Widening your lens: climate change, sustainability and risk”, with particular applicability to post-secondary education providers in the adult and community education and VET sectors.

Christine de Waard (pictured), EY Senior Consultant, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, will speak on impacts on climate change and work futures at our conference next week. Christine is part of a 200-plus EY group working in this area.

Christine’s work focuses on helping businesses and government to explore the opportunities and risks emerging when grappling with climate change and sustainability issues. There is clear evidence that the earlier organisations embed climate-related considerations into their decision making the more value is derived. Globally shifts are already driving fundamental change to business and social practice. Christine will showcase some of these stories and discuss the jobs and opportunities arising relevant to our communities.

Christine will draw from a major EY project for the Queensland Government (view the report here in PDF), which identifies the sectoral and regional risks and opportunities in transitioning to a zero net emissions economy. The analysis identified more opportunities than risks when policy settings support limiting global emissions to within 2 degrees of pre-industrial levels compared to a “business as usual” scenario across 8 sectors and 13 regions. These opportunities include reputational benefits, resource efficiency, increased resilience and reduced physical impacts from climate change. Specific information by region and sector are available.

Christine will speak at the CCA conference on Tuesday 19 November. More details here.

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