The new American President – what impact?

CCA CEO, Dr Don Perlgut, has published a blog post entitled “Australian VET in the age of Trump,” on the CCA website.

In the article, Don Perlgut speculates on what impact the new US President will have on Australian vocational education and training (VET).  He notes the differences between the US and Australian educational systems, with similar words having different meanings, such as “college”.

The article examines particular issues that have crossed borders, especially that of student debt in the USA with its Australian corollary of the VET FEE-HELP scandals, and examines what American commentators say, including James Surowiecki (The New Yorker), along with the little-publicised achievements of the Obama administration.

The article discusses how both recent presidential candidates have had less-than-savoury brushes with private higher education:  Donald J Trump through “Trump University” and Hillary Clinton through Bill Clinton’s highly paid honorary chancellor role at Laureate International Universities.

The article concludes with an examination of Trump’s nominee for Secretary Education, Betsy DeVos, and the potential impact on international education of Trump’s “stop Muslim migration” policies.

You can read the full article here.

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