Marcia Keegan

Marcia Keegan
Associate & Partner, SGS Economics and Planning
“Australia’s Economic Wellbeing: The Role of Community Education Providers”

Marcia is an experienced economist with two decades of experience across the private, public and academic sectors. She has mastered a wide range of economic methods and expertise in modelling, projections, data analysis and policy analysis and managed a range of projects. She leads the production of SGS’ annual Australian Economic Wellbeing report, which models the variation in economic activity across Australia’s regions. One of Marcia’s keen interests is the valuation of non-market impacts of investment, and has incorporated the value of benefits as wide ranging as increased pet ownership to protection of heritage buildings to prevention of coastal erosion into business cases and cost benefit analysis.

Prior to joining SGS Economics and Planning, she worked with the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM), where she contributed to a series of analyses on what drives wellbeing in Australia, taking into account employment, education, region, income, wealth and life circumstances.

Marcia is a former President of the ACT Branch of the Economic Society, the founder of the ACT Young Economist Network and Convenor of the 2018 Australian Conference of Economists.