Megan Lilly
Executive Director, AI Group Centre for Education and Training


Megan Lilly has had an enduring commitment to research, policy and advocacy in education and training. Over her 30 year career, she has been consistent in the belief of the capacity of education and training to transform lives. Megan is currently a member of the Australian Industry Skills Committee, board member of National Apprentice Employment Network, Deputy Chair – Worldskills Australia, member of the Australian College of Educators, and the Australia Pacific Training Coalition. Megan was also on the AQF Review Panel. She has been a member of the Australia India Education Council, including Chairing the Skills Working Group, Australian Qualifications Framework Council, Queensland Ministerial Commission, Victorian Skills Commission and was a member of the National Skills Standards Council, and the National Quality Council. Megan also chaired the Joint COAG-NQC Working Group – VET Products for the 21 Century and has presented at international conferences. She has a Masters in Educational Policy and Administration.