Hugh Simpson
Group CIO at the Atlantic Group, CEO at LQD Technology, and Founder and Advisor at Oggin

Hugh is a former Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, IT Consultant at EY Advisory and now the Group CIO of the Atlantic Group and CEO of LQD Technology, a Ukrainian Headquartered IT outstaffing company focused on building dedicated teams building software products. Hugh is also the founder of Oggin, a private venture fund investing in property, start-ups, traditional and alternative assets.

For over 20 years, Hugh has been building a technology-enabled career that has included 10 years service as an Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, managing strategic risk for global companies, building (and failing) with his own adtech start-up, launching new and innovative data-driven products for global brands interacting with over 9 million unique users and building businesses with 30%+ year-on-year growth.

On 24 February, whilst Hugh was in Kyiv, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine threatening the lives of over 200 employees and their families. He will speak about his experiences in crisis leadership while living and working in Kiev during the current Ukraine war.