Jo Medlin
President, Australian Council for Adult Literacy

Jo Medlin has been involved in adult literacy and numeracy for three decades. She is currently President of the Australian Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL), a member of the Reading Writing Hotline Steering Committee, and the national Education IRC. Her work involves helping adults strengthen their literacy and numeracy, and delivering professional development for people in the community, VET, and in business.

Her current advocacy work involves looking at literacy demands across the community and considering the importance of plain language and reader-friendly approaches to communicating written information. In 2021 Jo consulted and taught on the SBS series Lost for Words, which raised public awareness of adult literacy in Australia. She is looking forward to the launch of series 2 later this year.

Jo loves to read and her passion for adult literacy is based on a belief that the world would be a better place if we could all put up our feet, read a good book, and escape into another world for a while.