Richard Vinycomb

Richard Vinycomb
CEO, Byron Community College

As a life-long and life-wide learner I have a keen desire to pursue meaningful and mutual interaction with my peers and with a diversity of communities of interest. I openly share that passion with others.

I have a professional background in exploration geology, science and maths teaching, acting and directing for the theatre. I also had a stint as a program manager shaping performing arts and community arts policy for The Australia Council.

Since 1990, I have led two award winning adult education centres in NE Victoria and currently as Director of Byron Community College on the far North Coast of NSW.I see adult learning as a vital component in: facing the technological changes affecting the way we live and work; the rising anxiety, stress and mental health issues across society; the empowerment of community development and hope; and the challenge of issues such as nationalism and climate change against finding more sustainable, collaborative, creative ways to live.

Images below: Flood aftermath exterior and interior at Byron Community College, Mullumbimby