Victoria Mills

Victoria Mills
CEO & Founder, Hello Coach

Supercoach Victoria Mills is a leading coaching industry pioneer, on “speed dial” with a who’s who of the country’s C-level business figures, celebrities and sports people.

Having coached thousands of people in personal and professional development over 20 years, Victoria’s methods have proved time and again why coaching works. She has built a reputation as Australia’s “go-to” coach for both individuals and organisations, transforming workplace culture, retention, productivity and organisational health.

Victoria’s early childhood experiences became the impetus for a lifelong quest in the personal development arena. Despite facing divorce with a new-born, and surviving a life-threatening illness while maintaining her career, Victoria never gave up. In fact, knowing first-hand the feelings of overwhelming anxiety and being in a precarious position, were the key catalysts for her desire to lead the way towards coaching as a vehicle for transformational change.

Her coaching philosophy, which centres on the importance of whole wellness, is simple. No matter what the challenge, we all have a choice to either be a victim to our circumstance, or to become victorious. Ultimately, it takes bravery, courage and vulnerability to show up for ourselves. Even amidst our most challenging and painful moments, we can create a shift for something extraordinary to happen and to become our best self.

With Victoria at the helm, and with a vision to democratise access to coaching, Hello Coach is built to do exactly that – to match individuals with a curated, global group of expert coaches to support positive change in business, wellbeing and relationships. Hello Coach has scaled the benefits of individual coaching to entire organisations by creating a platform that makes it easy for anyone to find and book experienced, highly qualified coaches.

Collectively, our coaches have championed thousands of entrepreneurs, creatives, business leaders, celebrities, sports people and high-performing teams – empowering them to find their purpose, clarify their “why”, and overcome the personal and professional challenges thrown at them by life and business.

Hello Coach believes that whatever our life’s purpose, whatever our potential, coaching will help identify it, develop a solid foundation from which to create change, and empower us to make strides towards achieving the goals that we set for ourselves.

By doing so, we positively influence those around us – our family and friends, our workplace, our community, society, and the world.

We all need a champion in our corner to be our best selves.