Jayne Blake (GAICD)

Jayne Blake (GAICD)
Principal and Founder JBC

Jayne Blake is a CEO, Chair and Non-Executive Board Director. She originally comes from a large corporate leadership background and now works with NFPs and SMEs. Consulting with Boards and CEOs, Jayne helps identify and fix key strategic, governance, culture and leadership issues, building confidence, skills and commercially savvy leaders.

In her non-executive career, Jayne is Chair of AUSactive and of Marine & Civil Maintenance Pty Ltd. She has previously been Chair and Director HeartKids Australia and NSW, Chair Audit and Risk Committee, Nominations and several other Board Committees. In her corporate career, Jayne worked for Vodafone in international executive roles including Sales Director, CFO, GM Commercial, and GM Customer Service.

Jayne established JBC International in 2009, specialising in assisting other organisations and leaders to effectively plan for and drive personal and business growth. Jayne’s wide range of skills are honed in her corporate life and consultancy work with clients, ranging from Woolworths and HSBC to small business, industry associations and charities. She has distilled this knowledge to create a set of simple tools and processes delivered with a unique no-nonsense approach.

Jayne is currently undertaking a project to assist CCA member Boards of Directors and especially their Chairs. At the Conference, she will lead a workshop for member Board Directors, a unique opportunity to work closely with one of Australia’s top governance experts.