Community Education Trainer of the Year Awards 2024

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) announces the opening of nominations for its third annual Community Education Trainer of the Year Awards.

These Awards celebrate the work and underlines the importance of Australian adult and community education (ACE) trainers and teachers. CCA is proud of the many thousands of Australian ACE trainers and teachers, who motivate, inspire, mentor and guide their students to learn new skills and grow professionally and personally, reaching economic, social and community life objectives. Trainers are the “cutting edge” of ACE education and training, as they support and facilitate increased student confidence and learning, bringing to bear their own substantial life, industry, teaching and other professional experience.

The CCA Community Education Trainer of the Year Awards complement and expand on CCA’s successful Student of the Year Awards. The Trainer of the Year Awards reinforce, continue and deepen these traditions.

CCA requests Trainer of the Year nominations by Tuesday 20 August 2024, using the Trainer of the Year nomination form (Word document), prepared by the nominated trainer or their supervisor, endorsed and submitted by an Australian ACE provider via email to CCA at CCA welcomes nominations from all Australian ACE providers, not only members. There is no nomination fee, although there is a limit of two nominations per organisation. Nominations are open now.

The 2024 Trainer of the Year Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 22 October 2024 at Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney near Circular Quay, as part of CCA’s National Conference gala dinner. Shortlisted Awards finalists will be announced at least three weeks prior to the Awards dinner. Cash prizes will be awarded to winners and finalists (amounts to be determined, depending on available funding).

Eligibility for the 2024 Trainer of the Year Awards

The 2024 Trainer of the Year Awards nominations are open to those have taught or trained students, in a paid capacity, in at least one course of study at an Australian not-for-profit adult and community education (ACE) organisation during the 13 month period through 16 July 2023 through 20 August 2024. Courses of study can be VET accredited or non-accredited (including pre-accredited or pre-vocational). Nominees must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Award decisions will be made by an impartial judging panel, based on the written nominations, utilising the judging criteria of (1) excellence and initiatives; (2) learner needs and focus; (3) commitment to teaching and learning; and (4) links with community and industry.

Judging criteria can be found below, on the Nomination form (Word) and in the Award Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Nominee Details

All nominations should include details about the nominated trainer/teacher:

  • area/s of expertise
  • qualifications
  • courses/classes taught during the Awards period of 16 July 2023 through 20 August 2024
  • education and work background
  • location of training and description of the environment in which the trainer/teacher operates
  • any challenges encountered and overcome during the course of teaching/training

Judging Criteria

The nominee or supervisor is asked to address the following four criteria (maximum 1800 words total).

Criterion 1: Excellence and Initiatives

Please describe how the theories, ideas, methods and approaches you apply in your facilitation practice gain high level results. Describe your approach to working with ACE students, answering one or more of the following questions and including examples.

  • What involvement have you had in developing new learning methodologies and training delivery?
  • Have you implemented innovations or improvements in delivery and/or assessment practice that have led to better student outcomes?
  • How have you shared the outcomes of innovations/improvements with colleagues?
  • What has been the impact of these initiatives/improvements on your organisation's learners, other staff and industry partners?

Criterion 2: Learner Needs and Focus

We wish to know how you consider your learners' needs and ensure your practice evolves and is responsive and targeted over time. Please describe how you account for ACE student learner needs, answering one or more of the following questions, including examples:

  • How do you support the diverse needs of learners and ensure they continue to be engaged in their learning journey?
  • How do you ascertain the effectiveness of the design and delivery program methodologies you use? (Examples/evidence may be helpful to illustrate this.)
  • What learner/industry/community feedback mechanisms do you use?

Criterion 3: Commitment to Teaching and Learning

Describe your commitment to teaching and learning, including how you maintain and grow your skills and knowledge, support others to develop their skills and knowledge, and engage with other trainers/teachers.

Criterion 4: Links with Community and Industry

Describe how you promote ACE training in the community, and engage with industry and professional bodies, answering one or more of the following questions:

  • How do you implement active links with the community and industry in practice?
  • What are the major issues confronting the industry(ies) your program engages with?
  • How can skills training help address these issues?
  • What level of engagement do you have with industry and professional bodies?
  • How do you promote VET in the community and industry?

About the Community Education Trainer of the Year Awards Logo

The Community Education Trainer of the Year Award logo is based on the concept of nurturing and growing a seed. The seed metaphorically represents the student/trainee, and the trainer helps to expand the seed’s life experience as the student/trainee matures and grows, with skills and knowledge as the catalyst for growth and development.

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Further Information

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