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About Community Colleges Australia

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) is the peak national body that represents community-owned, not-for-profit adult and community education (ACE) providers. Our vision is for dynamic and vibrant communities, informed and empowered through learning. To make our vision a reality, CCA works to empower Australia’s community education sector by increasing the awareness of the sector and its place in the economic and social fabric of our nation. CCA advocates at all levels of government on the value of the community education sector, and for our members’ activities and programs.

CCA assists its members to sustain and grow, promoting learning innovation, focussing especially on vulnerable and disadvantaged learners. They focus on student welfare and are strongly committed to employment outcomes for their learners.

Our members have been providing flexible and dynamic education and training opportunities to individuals, groups and businesses for a long time – in some instances more than 100 years. As well as operating in accredited VET, CCA members offer a range of other learning opportunities, including non-accredited training, lifestyle and lifelong and cultural learning courses – education for which they are historically well-known. These educational activities help build self-esteem, re-engage “missing” learners and create and sustain social and community networks, all of which help to reinforce and sustain the communities in which our members operate.

Our sector’s history permits our members to be strategic and innovative in their flexibility to employ a wide range of tools. Our sector plays a strategic role because our members have the freedom to take considered risks. They are not bound by government structures in the way that TAFEs are, nor are they beholden to private shareholders to supply cash returns in the way of for-profit private providers.

Our members have an historic commitment to invest in their communities and respond to the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians, including a commitment to foundation skills. They do this through small class sizes, focussing on personal support, and creating connections to and collaborations with local non-government organisations, government agencies, social services and employers.

Read a summary of CCA's achievements during 2023 (PDF).

Our Mission

Our Mission is to strengthen Australian not-for-profit community education as a vital local service.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognised nationally as the leading influencer of quality community education provision through powerful representation, advocacy and support for members at state and national levels.

Culture and Values

We will exemplify and foster the following culture and values:

Agility: CCA values the ability to move quickly and provide timely and responsive services. This includes appropriate and responsive communication with members and stakeholders on matters of importance or concern.

Collaboration: CCA recognises that success is vested in collaborative effort and encourages all members and staff to help and support each other to facilitate the achievement of collective goals.

Future-Focus: CCA embraces the need for continual change and will act upon new opportunities as they arise. CCA encourages fresh ideas and follows them through. CCA aims to find smart ways to deliver the best results and uses collective experience to seek solutions to problems.

Humanity: CCA encourages all members and staff to embrace the human element in dealings and interactions with others, including the need for respect, acceptance, consideration, appreciation, active listening, openness and empathy.

Integrity: CCA will never compromise on professional and ethical standards. CCA will be honest and transparent with members and stakeholders while steadfastly upholding confidentiality and accepting responsibility for its actions.

Member-commitment: CCA is committed to providing responsive and high level member services. CCA will continuously improve what it does, share its knowledge to support members and collaborate with members to achieve the right outcomes.

Our Logo

In August 2020, CCA launched a new logo, the first in more than 13 years. Read about it here.


CCA adopted a new Constitution on 22 May 2018; view a copy of the Constitution here.

ACNC Registration

CCA is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). View our registration details here.

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The CCA Directors approved the next Strategic Plan at their board meeting in February 2021.  View the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan here

CCA Code of Ethics

CCA adopted an updated Code of Ethics in May 2019, which affirms the professional and ethical standards expected of its members. You can view a copy of our Code of Ethics here.

Members of Community Colleges Australia (CCA) uphold the CCA Code of Ethics as a condition for admission and continuing membership.

CCA Complaint Resolution Policy

CCA adopted a Complaint Resolution Policy in August 2019, which complements the Code of Ethics. This Policy deals with complaints arising regarding the conduct of any member/s and/or CCA. You can view a copy of the Policy here.

Our History

Community Colleges Australia (CCA) was launched in 2007 in Canberra and was established as the peak body for not-for-profit community-owned learning organisations across Australia. As long-established learning organisations located in metropolitan, regional and rural locations, community education providers are strategically placed to focus on individual learners and enhance student welfare. Community-based providers are committed to both employment outcomes as well as personal development of our learners.

While CCA as an industry association is a relatively new entity, our members have been providing flexible and dynamic learning opportunities to individuals, groups and businesses for a very long time – in some instances almost 110 years.

The community education sector delivers accredited vocational education and training (VET) to hundreds of thousands of people each  year, from pre-vocational through to Advanced Diploma courses across a diverse range of skill requirements and industry areas.

As well as delivering vocational education and training, CCA members also offer a range of learning opportunities, including non-accredited training, lifestyle and lifelong and cultural learning courses – education for which they are historically well-known. These educational activities help build self esteem, re-engage ‘missing’ learners and provide social networks for older or vulnerable people.

Community providers offer an understanding of the learning and training needs of individuals, community groups and businesses. CCA members recognise that the result of encouraging and increasing individuals’ training needs can be more vibrant and cohesive communities.

Australia’s not-for-profit education providers deliver practical and relevant education and training with supportive learning environments. Any financial surpluses from their not-for-profit activities are reinvested back into the communities that they serve. Our members are all 'for purpose' organisations that enhance employment prospects, leisure aspirations and social inclusion.

CCA acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of our land, and that our Sydney office is located on the traditional lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.